I hate mornings

The house beside us has been dormant for months. Yesterday at 7:30 it came to life. It seems this is going to be a trend, even on the weekends. So now, besides dealing with noisy neighbors below us late into the evening, we are now going to be awakened even on Saturday by construction noise next door. I say leave the poor house alone.

It’s way too early to be awake on Saturday. So what do I do? Look up the Arlington County Ordinance to see if they are legally allowed to be making this much noise on a weekend morning. I actually don’t think so after reading through it–seems like 10 AM is what the good law makers of Arlington deemed reasonable. Now the question is if I have the guts to confront the owner about her illegal activity.

In other news: we’re hearing back from law schools. It’s not going to be an easy decision.


One thought on “I hate mornings

  1. Congratulations on it not being an easy decision! I was only accepted to one school for my MA, making it relatively easy, but more for my PhD. I feel your pain–but it is very exciting!

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