Weekend update

So after I cut my finger, later that night I slipped on black ice and bruised my leg. Friday was NOT my day. Luckily my key lime cheesecake was unharmed. On Saturday, it was nice and sunny, so we decided to play tourist and tried to go up the Washington Monument but couldn’t get tickets. I was really surprised so many other people wanted to play tourist on a February weekend. On Sunday, we got an unexpected snowfall so I studied and watched it snow and then Tivo-ed my way through the Oscars. Hooray for Jennifer Hudson! Gotta love that a curvy woman is being recognized for REAL talent! I have a few of the movies that were nominated on my Netflix queue, so hopefully I’ll catch up on some of the great movies of 2006 soon. I also broke out with a weird rash this weekend, so I’m hoping that goes away or I’m going to have to visit the doctor; otherwise I’ll be an itching fool. I walked through slushy snow to visit the eye doctor yesterday afternoon and was pleasantly surprised to discover my Rx hasn’t changed. And now it’s another week of school. Yes, my week starts on Tuesday. I’m a 3L. I’m enjoying my 3-day weeks while they last.


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