I cut my finger today while slicing a bagel and the first thing I thought to do after applying pressure was to call my husband. Whenever there’s a crisis at home, I tend to need back up. It’s not that I’m incapable of taking care of myself, but it’s nice to have a voice tell me that everything’s going to be okay and confirm that I’m doing the right thing to solve the problem. When I first got married and something went wrong, i.e. something spilled on the carpet, I would call my mom to find a great solution to the problem. Cold water or hot? Of course, I still call her for recipes but something struck me today as I sat on the floor waiting for G. to come home: I called him first when something went wrong. After a year and half of marriage, this is something I would expect of myself but I have a tendency to trust my initial reaction the most. And today, my very first reaction was to call him.

True love: even though I could have easily taken the paper towel off my bleeding finger and put the band-aid on, he came home and did it for me.


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