To the moon?

Should the U.S. continue to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on the space program? I wasn’t tired last night after the lights went out, so I decided to debate my husband on this very issue. I argue that while we need satellites in space for various and important reasons, I really don’t see the point of sending people to places like the moon. G. argues otherwise.

What do you think? To be VERY general, is this a male/female thing? I certainly did not dream of becoming an astronaut but G. informed me that very many little boys dream of flying into space (that, and becoming paleontologists).

Discuss amongst yourselves or post re: why YOU think we should keep sending people into space. I’d love to know.


3 thoughts on “To the moon?

  1. I think we should keep sending people because someday I want it to be so routine so that I can go. I didn’t have much interest in the space-thing when I was little (the only thing I remember is the Challenger on Jan 28, 86). But, once I took astronomy in college, that all changed. So, I guess I’m for it.

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