Baltimore or Dulles?

We got our car washed this afternoon…about two hours before it started snowing again! It was nice and sunny this morning and we were hoping the sun would melt some of the icy snow off our lawn (I’ve almost slipped a couple times and each time I’ve thought, “TORT!” But then, who would I sue? Myself?). But we were glad to get the salt off the car. And we were pleasantly surprised that with our car wash receipt, we got a free burrito and drink at Qdoba. So it snowed. But our lunch was free. This was the second time this weekend we’ve tried to get our car washed–the first time was at one of those pay before you get your gas places. So we paid before we got gas. And when we drove to the car wash it said, “Car Wash Closed.” Why don’t they alert you of that before you pay before you get your gas?

Kind of reminds me of the day we moved and our car broke down. And U-Haul claimed we hadn’t reserved a truck. Thankfully our friend had AAA and we got our car towed for $9 instead of the $50 or so I was imagining. Why is it that we STILL haven’t signed up for AAA?

It also kind of reminds me of the day we tried to go on our honeymoon, but had told us to go to Baltimore and then we missed our flight to London. Baltimore is not close enough to Dulles, even on Christmas Eve, not when you have to make an international flight in an hour and a half. No honeymoon for us.

Alanis Morissette anyone?


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