The Waiting Game

I really wish I knew where I was going to be sitting at this same time next year. All the applications are in, so our future is in their hands. We’ve paid our money. They’re reviewing G’s resume and personal statement and I have to wonder: do they know that the letter they send back determines what happens to us for the next three or four years? Sometimes I think it’d be no big deal if we have to stay here for four more years. We’re used to it now, or at least as used to it as we’re going to be. I have one or two friends–the type I can call if I need something. It’s taken a while to get there, but I’m glad to say I have them. We have a church. It’s 45 minutes away, but when we go, we’re glad we did. And our apt. is awesome. Our rent rocks for the sq. footage and location. The only downside is the stupid neighbors. Of course, we want to buy! There’s no way we can afford to buy anything around here, and even if we could, I cannot fathom spending $300,000+ on an apartment. I don’t want to buy anything that’s attached to anything else. But then I think–we really have been here for almost three years and I’ve hated it so much. There were those times that I would cry so hard, G. couldn’t do anything to comfort me and the only place I’d want to be is a warm bath. I really want to move. I’m not sure what I consider home, but I do love the Northwest. I would love it so much if we both got into UW. I wasn’t so impressed with the housing options around the U, but I’m sure we could find something. And it’s close to our parents and closer to more friends. The friends that know me, that know my history, that when I say I bought a new pair of shoes, they are envisioning the 20 other pairs I already own but love me anyway.

I really hope those admissions people make the right decision. I can’t even imagine the conversation we’re going to have if we get accepted to both coasts.


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