No snow day, but…

Battlestar Galactica is being renewed for a fourth season!

TV Guide is reporting that Battlestar will return for a 13-episode run in January 2008. And that another character will be revealed as a Cylon before the end of this season. I wish it were Starbuck, but according to my sources (Ausiello at TV Guide, Kristen at E!Online, and other various spoiler sites) it’s not Starbuck. Oh, how I dislike that character. I think it’s her lips.

So even though I’m sitting at school while the snow pours out of the sky, I’m very excited about the renewal of one of my favorite shows. I never, ever thought I would be a fan of a show on the SciFi channel, but I found Eureka this summer and now I have Battlestar. Wonders never cease.


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