One of my pet peeves is irresponsibility. I hate it when people in authority positions don’t act like they should. For example: my law school is offering a $200 honorarium for 3Ls who want to take some bar prep courses this semester. The $200 is only good if you have perfect attendance. I can’t have perfect attendance because I don’t do school on Saturday. So last semester I alerted the appropriate person in administration that I would need accommodations. He told me to remind him this semester. So after the first bar prep class, which was held on a Monday, I approached him again. He told me to send him an email to remind him. So I did. No response. Three days later, I sent him another email. No response. So I finally emailed again after the second class had taken place and informed him I hadn’t attended and why. He told me I was supposed to have emailed him after the first class. So I sent him another email with the previous two emails to prove I had been on the ball. No response. I was seething mad because I can use every penny I can get right now, and it sounds like at this point he’s not going to make it very easy for me to get the $200.

Another example: I have the easiest job in the entire world. I love it, but I can’t understand why the other people I work with can’t fill the printer with paper, get boxes of paper from the storage room, or take empty printer cartridges to the mail room. I have repeatedly asked them to do this and they ignore me. I know I’m just another law student, but I’m also their supervisor. I’m just sick of people slacking off when we have the easiest job in the entire world.

If you ever come visit me, you might notice a Coleman cooler sitting by the basement window or newspapers littering the lawn. We live in a very nice neighborhood but have SLOBS for neighbors. The lawn is their jurisdiction. They get to park in the drive way. They get to have parties on the deck. So they should also clean up the lawn and take the trash cans off the sidewalk instead of leaving them there for three days. And we have to share a mailbox with them and they never pick up their mail. I’ve resorted to throwing it on the floor in front of their door. It doesn’t get picked up. And R.U., the noisy guy who shares his bedroom ceiling with our bedroom floor, has decided every night this week that 12:15 is the perfect time to play loud music on his stereo. I’m surprised that dude even has a job.


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