Breath in!

It’s 11 degrees. Something is wrong with the world when you get into the car and when you breath, it feels like icicles are forming in your nose.

Seriously, I had to persuade myself to get out of bed this morning! And guess what my motivation was: attendance. The fact that my law school professors take attendance is wrong on so many levels, but that in fact is the only reason I’m at school today. And if I hadn’t come to school, I would have read my cases anyway because I am like that. Good breeding I guess.

On a happy note, I just booked my plane ticket for a warm weather destination for spring break. And I’m already looking forward to it, six weeks out.

Speaking of good breeding: Happy Birthday, Mom!


One thought on “Breath in!

  1. Sorry to hear it’s so cold. I don’t miss that part of the east coast…We’d love it if you guys could come on the world cruise…I’m sure it will be closer to 30 years than 5 years!

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