Mail call

I was so excited to get my new iPod case in the mail, I had to post it here for all to see.
At, you can choose the color of your wrap (the body), the band, and if you want a wheel cover, you can choose from the ifrogz options or even upload a picture you’ve taken. I opted for my wedding colors and the bamboo wheel cover because of my fondness for all things Asian. I also found a coupon code for almost $5 off (enter alexscoupon at check out). I’m so excited about my new cover–and the next time I get out of a car with the iPod in my lap, it won’t get so scratched when it falls on the sidewalk!

The same day my iPod cover arrived, I got information about a bar review course for Washington state. This made me want to get in bed, turn the electric blanket on, and never return from hibernation. I can’t decide if I should take the Oregon or Washington bar and no one I talk to seems to be able to help me with the decision. I’ve already sent away for the application kit for the Oregon bar, which left me $25 poorer. It doesn’t mean I’m locked in. But what to do, what to do?

And I am so mad at J.K. Rowling. How dare she (and her publishers) schedule the release date of the last Harry Potter book for literally days before I’m going to be sitting for the bar?!? I guess reading it after the last week of July will be my little reward for going through the hell that is the bar.


2 thoughts on “Mail call

  1. I still don’t understand how to use an iPod, but I like the cover you got. :)I’m still in support for the WA bar–or whichever one is all essay. I think you’re going to rock it out no matter which one you choose.

  2. Hey Mari, I enjoyed your blog! I’m all for the OR bar… just a thought! Anyway, I would have to agree that J.K’s publishers made a bad call… if you want we can start a petition for it to come out sooner…. but I won’t help you if your goal is for delay. Just steer clear of the media and any Harry crazed friends, and it could be a good relaxing reward for all of your hard work. Sending love from Portland, Alicia G.

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