No power? No water?

Last night we discovered our old house can’t handle running two computers, a TV, an iron, and a space heater at the same time. We looked out our window as soon as the power went off to make sure it wasn’t our whole street, but it was just us. Powerless.

It reminded me of July 4 when the power went out–on the whole street! So instead of staying in to watch the fireworks as previously planned, we actually went down to the Mall and watched the display and concert. (Although watched is a relative term: we weren’t close enough to see the performance, so we watched the large screens with thousands and thousands of other tourists and families.) I suppose since we live in our nation’s capital, it’s good we’ve done it once. It was so hot and humid we couldn’t sleep that night without air or the goodness of a fan. AND we had guests staying with us. It was super crowded on the Mall and bugs were biting and Jason Alexander is an annoying host. But I’m glad we were forced out.

This morning we didn’t have water. No, we weren’t just without hot water. NO water. Apparently our entire house has one water meter, which means we share it with our downstairs neighbors. Bad idea. Come to find out the water bill has been in someone’s name who hasn’t lived in the house for a year. Today he decided to switch the bill to one of the other guys who actually lives downstairs. So the water company decided in order to switch the name on the account, the water had to be turned off for a few hours. Which meant no shower this morning for me. I pity my fellow students who have to sit next to me in class today.

Two years ago I was awakened to a phone call from G. asking if he could drive to my apartment to take a shower. “Why?” I asked. His rich landlord had forgotten to pay the water bill. A few times. So despite the water company’s warnings, he hadn’t paid and his two tenants were without water. So even though G. and his roommate paid their rent on time, they had no water. So G. came and took a shower at my apt. and went to work. Meanwhile, his landlord continued his bad habits of cooking broccoli at 3 a.m. and never flushing the toilet. Man, that was a weird situation!


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