Will he bite?

Squirrel hunting checklist:
1 Havahart squirrel cage. Check!
Bait for the hungry squirrel. Check!
1 brave husband. Check!

Here’s G. fixing the cage:
Here’s G. climbing into the attic with the cage:
I’m at the bottom of the ladder… (*smile*) and the squirrel is somewhere up there!
Two hours ago I heard the pesky thing running around like the coffee hadn’t worn out or something (if I spoke squirrel I’d ask him where he found his caffeine!) but I haven’t heard him in a while. And really…who can resist peanuts and Rachel Ray (if she’s on a box of wheat thins, they must be good)?


2 thoughts on “Will he bite?

  1. Hey, we have some of those traps up in the animal house at school. Except they are really old. If it doesn’t like the crackers or nuts I suggest trying cheese, cause who doesn’t like cheese.In our house we either have birds in our wall or mice crawling around. And they are right by my bed too. We thought about sicking the cat on them.

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