Something’s alive in the attic!

At 11:30 last night, we were awakened to the sound of a mortar rocket firework being shot off in the middle of the backyard. It wasn’t the people that live below us. (Surprisingly!) It was someone who had crept into the backyard through the house behind us and lit it off. We don’t know who lives behind us, but if it was them…this is war. We’re going to investigate once it warms up to the 40’s this morning.

In other Hardboiled news, something’s alive in the attic! This morning it was scampering around above our bedroom and during breakfast, it was scraping at this weird metal grating that is supposed to air out the attic in the hot summer months. G. decided to hit at the metal with his belt and whatever “it” is did not like being pestered. Our landlord thinks it’s a squirrel. She’s going to call someone to take care of it.


2 thoughts on “Something’s alive in the attic!

  1. I thought it was something larger than a mouse. I guessed a raccoon or something, but was too afraid to pursue it further…Keep us posted on how it goes! And welcome to blog land. 🙂

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