I have a bunch of long blog posts written in my head but at night when I go to write them, I’m too tired after waking up before 6 with a baby who thinks it’s party time. Oh, and it’s 83 degrees…inside. I can’t do anything except lounge on the couch and watch reality TV. 


I saw Trainwreck a few weeks ago. It’s hilarious and raunchy and I love Amy Schumer’s outfits in the movie. I fell in love with one dress and scoured the internet looking for it. I couldn’t find it anywhere, so I called in my super sleuth BFF and she found it!! It was even on sale at Anthro for $19.95 at some point last year, but of course now it’s only available on eBay and in consignment stores. The hunt is on!


Anyone else watching Big Brother? At the beginning of the summer I vowed this year would be different and I wouldn’t waste hours of my life on a dumb show. Yet here we are halfway through another season…let’s hope Vanessa and Shelli get voted out in this week’s double eviction!


Project Runway fans out there: what do you think of this season? I get the impression a lot of the designers were cast for extra drama, not talent. But Ashley? Love her, love her hair! Wish I was gutsy enough to have purple hair. 


The search for cheap flush mount lights continues. We are nearing the end of our home building project and I’m ready to throw my hands up and say, fine, just install the boob lighting and we’ll deal with it later when we have more money. 


Today I drank four cups of coffee and made a Brie and apple grilled cheese for dinner. I live an exciting life, dontcha know?

Milestone Birthday

Today I had a milestone birthday. Unlike the day I turned 18, or 21, or 30, I had little time for self reflection. 

Future President has an ear infection. Junior has a cranial band that needed checked. It’s over 100 degrees outside and 85 inside except in the two rooms with window units. 

I had to drag two cranky kids to Costco to drop off Future President’s prescription and a complete stranger came up to me, pointed excitedly to Junior’s helmet and asked where he could buy one…because: “we keep dropping our daughter.” And he was serious. 

I’m thankful for the helmet, too, because just today Junior pulled himself up to almost standing using his bouncy chair as leverage and the whole thing came crashing down on top of him. 

This morning I treated myself to my free birthday Starbucks and free donuts at Pip’s. I walked into work and distributed the donuts, because even I can’t eat 12 on my own. A co-worker complimented my wavy hair. I told her I am now too old to keep arguing with my hair. There’s not enough time in life to fight the inevitable. 

I also wore my new (free) lipstain from Sephora. It’s bright red. I was wearing an orange shirt. Guys, life is way too short not to wear two bright colors at once. Future President even noticed my lips: “Mommy, that’s pretty paint on your lips. Did you paint them last night?” Clearly I don’t wear lipstick enough!

Last weekend I shopped to my heart’s content while my bestie L watched the baby and they charmed the socks off shoppers in South Coast Plaza. I bought two new shirts and a pair of pants from Banana Republic and a new dress, jeans and a necklace from Madewell. And while my body is not back to the shape it used to be before children, I wore a bikini to a pool filled with skinny, tan Californians. Maybe age is in fact liberating. 

Vote Early, Vote Often

What are the odds I’ll win a two-night stay to Sunriver, one of my family’s favorite places to vacation in Oregon? A picture I posted on Instagram has been entered into a contest and if the photo I took, which was reposted on Sunriver’s account, gets the most likes during the month of July, I win! Sounds simple, right?
I’ve been watching the number of likes creep up on a photo posted today of a beverage with the pool in the background. My picture is so much better, in my not so humble opinion. In my picture, my 4-year-old is conquering his fear of the new waterslide at The Cove in Sunriver Resort’s newly redesigned pool area.
So, would you do me a favor, and like this photo on Instagram? I’ll love you forever.
Thanks in advance!

A Mixed Bag

Today I finished a big project at work, a project that involved skills I didn’t learn in either of my graduate degrees programs and a project of which I’m extremely proud. 

The husband had a very rough day at work and after being up since 5, was exhausted when he got home, and after scarfing down the food I had just made, had to rush off to a meeting at church. 

The boys barely ate any supper and instead mostly just giggled at each other. Junior had a brief break from the cranial band he just started wearing and Future President sat by the open window, enjoying a gentle breeze that has yet to cool down the house below 80. 

I hate summer. 

On Saturday morning I got to visit with a friend I’ve known for over 20 years. Our kids hit it off. In the afternoon we got to go swimming, which was amazing. Then a few hours later Aaron threw up and was running a fever. We packed up for an overnight at my parents’ blissfully cool house. 

Sunday afternoon one of my best friends and I got to visit for a few short hours; this is the type of visit that’s good for the soul because she just gets me – our husbands are similar, we care passionately about our careers and we’ve reached the stage in our lives that talking about money and job advancement doesn’t feel pretend; it’s real, we’re living enjoyable and complicated lives. 

Last night we all tossed and turned in the hot house. The baby woke up at least 4 times. When I checked on him this morning, he was sleeping on his stomach! He’s been going to physical therapy because he is delayed in his gross and fine motor skills, and it’s starting to pay off! 

For a few glorious months, I was seeing a D.O. who specializes in spinal manipulation. I finally was pain free! Then my insurance benefits changed and they stopped covering spinal manipulation. I just started seeing a new physical therapist and she taught me a few exercises to relieve the intense pain in my head, jaw, neck and back. 

This weekend I’m flying to California for a girls’ weekend (baby’s coming too). I’m looking forward to it so much but I’m holding my breath because I’m certain something will go wrong and I won’t be able to go. But I need this trip! 

Life’s been a real mixed bag lately. But I’m trying to focus on the positives: Future President has been extremely helpful around the house by cleaning up toys, clothes and dishes; the baby finally has his helmet to fix his flat head; I’ve been blessed with great friends; and I know the sweet relief of lying on the floor with my arm raised about my head, finally feeling the blood flow into my muscles taking the pain away. 

When Things Don’t Go Your Way

Yesterday was an important day in the history of the church I belong to: delegates at the General Conference voted whether or not regional divisions could decide the issue of women’s ordination at the individual division level. The vote was no.

To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. Five years ago I would have taken this as a sign it was time to finally revoke my church membership as I don’t want to belong to a corporate entity that marginalizes women. But now I have kids, and things are different.

If I didn’t have kids, I would unlikely be attending church at all. But I want them to have a place to learn about God, because while my own beliefs are still shaky, I want them to have the chance to learn about a higher power with a child-like innocence. I like that they have a weekly place to go to talk about loving and helping others and loving God.

It also makes a huge difference that the church I attend is full of good people who accept diverse views and employs a woman who serves in a pastoral role. She is up on the pulpit as much as the men. We have women elders and deacons. If I didn’t attend such a progressive church, this vote would also make my church membership a bigger question.

Last night I was crying as I told my husband that if it wasn’t for this local church and the people in it, I would not continue to be a member of the Seventh-Day Adventist church. My church is the one who welcomes a gay couple and their children with a baby shower and baby dedication. My church is the one that welcome you no matter what you wear: come as you are, jeans and converse shoes; high heels and pearls! My church is the one that serves coffee and donuts. I am thankful for my local church and the friends in it who make me feel like I could show up with my coffee in hand, in whatever I was wearing, and I would be welcomed with open arms. I wish I could say this was true for every SDA church I’ve attended; while it’s not, I am counting my blessings that I have a local church family that loves me, despite my disagreements about doctrine.

Beach Day!

It’s been too darn hot here in the Pacific Northwest. We aren’t accustomed to sweating well into the night and waking up just as hot. To beat the heat this weekend, I took the boys to the beach. It’s a secret beach near Tillamook that’s never crowded. Parking can sometimes be an issue but when you have kids that wake up with the sun, it’s not a problem.  

 It was wonderfully cool when we arrived, so baby stayed in his pajamas and handmade sweater for a while. I tried to keep him out of the sand, but he was too fast and highly entertained by his brother, who singlehandedly coated the beach blanket in sand within one minute of spreading it out. 

Auntie A came with us and she and Future President managed to get joyfully soaked by the freezing ocean water. Thankfully by then the sun was out and provided some warmth.   

After a few hours at the beach, we took the cranky, tired baby and his endlessly energetic brother to the Tillamook Cheese Factory. I didn’t take any pictures there because 1) I was too busy enjoying ice cream and cheese; and 2) it was more crowded than the D.C. metro at 5 p.m. Seriously, don’t visit on a holiday weekend if you hate crowds. 

Our drive home was awfully slow – only 10mph in some spots – but both boys slept almost the whole way home. When we arrived home, it was over 80 degrees inside and I immediately wanted to go back to the beach.  

The Most Heartbreaking Comedy

Amazon Prime is currently streaming a hilarious and very NSFW comedy called Catastrophe. It’s hilarious and very raunchy. It’s also very touching.

Episode 4, though, made me cry and cry and cry. Sharon gets the news that based on genetic testing, there is a 1 in 25 chance that her baby has Down Syndrome. I was transported back to last year, when I had genetic testing, when all my husband and I could do was cry and ask ourselves hard questions.

And then we got good news, again and again, and could breathe again. Watching this episode, I re-lived all of those ups and downs all over again. But I couldn’t look away. It was a thoughtful, funny and spot-on examination of this extremely fraught time in a pregnant woman’s life. Bravo, Catastrophe. I can’t wait for Season 2.